Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Race Week - Some Last Minute Updates!

 Hello Racers.   Race week is upon us.  Be sure to get pre-registered and save $5 off the race-day entry!

Course Update:   I rode the course last night and it rode FAST.  Here is my Strava for the KOM's.                 http://app.strava.com/activities/59638058

So everyone's big question is, "how is the dirt section?"  I blasted through it with my 25c tires and no gloves.  It is very hard and smooth with only a few 100-200 meter rough sections (mostly small gravel or washboard).  There is one 45 degree left-hand bend that is pot holed, but that is it.  I will mark the road before the corner so everyone has a heads up!  The rest of the course is in great shape.  In my opinion,  "the hills ain't tough enough, and the dirt ain't rough enough."

Oh, and we are hoping to give a KOM to each of the categories: Cat 1/2/3, Women' 1/2/3/4, Master's A/B, Cat 4/5.  So you ALL have to ride hard!

Lodging:   I have talked to the forest service and there is free camping at Flint Creek, 8 miles south of town on Hwy 1.  Pit toilets and no fresh H2O, but plenty of creek water.

Karen at Philipsburg Inn has tent and RV spaces.  There are coin-op showers there too.  Tent space is $12/night.  RV $???.  She also has comfortable single or double rooms for $50-70, tax included.  Give her a call at 859-3959.  They are located conveniently close to the Sunshine Station, where the BBQ cook off will be Saturday afternoon.

Official, Don Russell is offering his 5th wheel and quest house for $20/ each.  He is crawling distance from the Philipsburg Brewing Company.  Call him at 531-4033 to get in on that deal.

Registration:   We are meeting at the Rotary Bldg, just a block south of Broadway (Main street).  There is ample parking and there will be signs on where to turn, whether you are coming into town from one direction or the other.  Registration begins at 9 am and we want to be wrapped up by 10:30 am.  Racing begins at 11 am, sharp.  Racers will wear both numbers on the right side of their jersey, one horizontal and the other vertical.  This should be the same as the previous MBRA races.

Downtown:   Awards happen at The Philipsburg Brewing Company about 3 pm.  Post race we will have Gatorade and Carbohydrates,  but the locals are giving us some discounts on meals.  The Club Bar has $2 discount on a meal.  Brett at Up 'N Smoke BBQ will give you any entree, one side and a drink for $7.  Bill at the Sunshine Station has the BBQ cook off, with dinner served at 5pm,  $10 for a HUGE plate of the contestants' grillings.  He is also giving all racers a free beer!  And of course, P'burg Brewing has the best beer around and all racers and volunteers over 21 get a free beer or soft drink.  Woohoo!

P'burg Brewing also has live music beginning at 5 pm and many of the shops will be open, just not The Sweet Palace/Sapphire Gallery.  You have to spend the night and visit them on Sunday.  Just one more reason to spend the night, race at Discovery on Sunday and enjoy Philipsburg!

That's it for now.  Email or call if you have any other questions and get ready for Saturday.


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